Create a company in the social and solidarity economy: find the financing

To find out about the structures specialized in social investment, visit the website of the association Finansol. It brings together major players such as private equity firms Garrigueou lnco, the Social Economy Development Institute or the Federation of Local Investor Clubs for an alternative and local management of solidarity savings (Cigales).
“A Cigales club brings together individuals who choose to dedicate a portion of their savings to a project in the ESS. They invest in the capital of a company generally at the time of its creation, a recovery or when it is in difficulty, to help it to rebound. Clubs fund mainly local businesses. The average amount invested per project is around 4000 euros. But we can appeal to several clubs to get more, “says Jean-Yves Angst, co-president of the National Federation of Cicadas.

Refundable advances and subsidies

To start his business, a business creator can also apply for a repayable advance or a loan of honor. These are generally zero-interest loans that will allow it to complete its financing plan and to benefit from additional capital to apply for a bank loan. Networks such as the Regional Union of Scop, Initiative France or the network Entreprendre offer.
Alternatively, apply for a grant. Local authorities (town halls, regional or general councils) and foundations can grant aid to a project if it meets certain criteria: socially innovative programs for the Macif Foundation, help for people in precarious situations for the Engie Foundation …

Bank loan

Crédit Coopératif, Nef … The SSE sector has its own banking institutions which have the advantage of being used to the themes of sustainable development or social integration. But more conventional banks can also grant a loan to a project of a solidarity enterprise. “We regularly offer co-financing with Crédit Coopératif, Crédit Mutuel or Crédit Agricole. Each institution usually grants half of the loan, “says Valérie Aujé, administrative and commercial coordinator at the Nef.


The  ”  Crowdfunding  ”  or crowdfunding has the wind in its sails and entrepreneurs do not hesitate to call for donations to fund their project. The publisher Dowino has managed to reap 43,000 euros on the Ulule website to achieve A Blind Legend, his video game for the blind, “To succeed in your campaign, you must already prepare it upstream: start talking about your project, think about the counterparts that will be proposed, the text, illustrations …. Once the campaign is launched, it’s about first touching friends, family and loved ones and motivating them to talk to their own network. If the project is interesting and we tell a great story, people want to believe and invest, “concludes Pierre-Alain Gagne, manager and co-founder of Dowino.

Request funding from a Cigales Club

To propose a project to a club, go to the website of the National Federation of Cicadas to find the club closest to home. After a first interview to validate that the project fits well in the values ​​carried by the club, the project will be analyzed before the jury. The file must include a description, a projected budget, a financing plan and a cash flow plan.

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