Danger Signs on Running a Business in a Competitive World You Must Know About

Make it simple to do business with you. If business is slowing down, you might not need your employees to work because many hours each week. A home based business gives ample opportunities for a man to bring in money, with a fantastic quantity of flexibility. When you begin a small company, failure isn’t something you need to think about. If you own a little company and don’t enjoy the notion of being a true salesperson, perhaps you will need to examine selling from a new perspective. So if you’re a small organization, you are going to be charged differently from a massive entity, for the financial loan. A little business like tutoring may sometimes not provide you a steady supply of revenue.

What You Don’t Know About Running a Business in a Competitive World

A business program isn’t only a document to be utilized to increase money for an organization. It will make you consider the number of customers you’ll need to acquire, how you’ll acquire them, and what costs will be associated with selling your products or services. If you wish to succeed you require a well thought out business program that will help you make the appropriate decisions.

The Fight Against Running a Business in a Competitive World

While people are looking for product and services online, if you would like them to locate your small business online, it is vital to know the regulations and legal aspects of every country and state, (according to this company that handle a lot of tax cases with his tax service NYC), most start ups and ecommerce companies failed on this when launching.

To begin a business for a service provider, it is advised that you take up any 1 service among the several requirements, and develop expertise and flourish your company before diversifying further. If you wish to learn more about their excellent services, then you can see their site anytime you would like. The ideal rate phone service may be proven to execute true miracles for you as a business owner since affordability is a vital element to prosperity.

What is Really Going on with Running a Business in a Competitive World

Since you are going to be doing business by yourself, you might have to to make certain that individuals get to understand your work. You begin your business for the incorrect factors. Having your own company is more than simply creating a job for yourself. When you freelance, you’ll be running your own company, marketing your skills to prospective customers and getting paid for the assignments. It is clear that in a wholesale business you may not admire the help of chefs.

If you own a company, you require a site. A business normally grows in rather smallish actions and it requires an individual with wonderful patience to see it grow. The majority of the things involved with running an internet business revolve around repetitive tasks. Several businesses have already got a site for their company today. Whether you know of it, every thriving business inevitably passes through five levels over the span of its lifetime, and not so coincidentally, occasionally, the company life cycle mirrors that of the operator.


Open a lingerie shop and franchise swimwear

Open a lingerie and swimwear shop: different styles for different customers
In the previous lines I told you about underwear shops, referring to a very generalist typology, to explain all its potential. However, keep in mind that there is not just one type of shop and that therefore even the opening of a franchise shop and lingerie store can differ depending on the chosen franchisor. The market is really very diversified: it goes from generalist stores, which sell underwear suitable for the whole family, those dedicated to the most sought-after underwear, perhaps only for women, up to shops more attentive to fashion trends, which follow in part styles dictated by clothing.

I can’t point you as a typology or another: the one I suggest is to always choose a franchised activity (for underwear but in general for each category) that best reflects your tastes and preferences, in addition to experiences that you may have already gained.

The requirements to open a lingerie and swimwear shop
Opening a franchise and swimwear shop is an idea that you could consider even if you don’t have a specific qualification. In fact, no course of study is required, although a little experience is always recommended. In addition to the passion for this type of clothing, the propensity to work in public, courtesy and attention to new fashion trends are an added value.

As for the opening of the store, if you choose a franchise it is very likely that the franchisor will assist you at all stages. In general, remember that the procedure for opening a non-food store provides:

Open a VAT number
Registration with the local Chamber of Commerce Send the single communication for the start of the activity to the municipality of location of the store.

Registration with INPS and INAIL
In the event that you decide to avail yourself of the collaboration of other people, they will have to be in order with everything that concerns the hiring or the collaboration. I advise you to ask for support also from an accountant to better understand which form of framework to choose, according to your needs.

As I often say in advice to new entrepreneurs , he spends a lot of time choosing the store. Also in this case the franchisor could come to your aid, with advice on the aspects to be considered. Some brands require precise characteristics, as you’ll see in the following paragraphs, dedicated to the best ideas of the moment to open a franchised underwear shop.

The best franchise proposals for underwear and swimwear
I searched for you the proposals for the Italian market for underwear and swimwear franchises. Here are the best ones I’ve found. For each one you find the initial investment, the features required for the store and some advantageous aspects to know.

Open a franchise outlet

Open a franchise outlet: what do we mean by outlet?
In common language, an outlet is a sales point where you can buy different types of products at reduced prices compared to the price list. For outlets, however, we mean both the single store and the shopping malls that combine multiple outlets. The products sold in the outlets are the most diverse: they range from clothing to accessories, through equipment and sportswear, food or products for children.

These are actually just a few examples of outlets; in fact potentially every brand and type of product lends itself to sale with this commercial formula. The single-brand outlets , which sell the products of a single brand, are very common . However, even multi-brand outlets, which offer products of different brands, sometimes grouped together by type (for example outlets for clothing or household products) are not rare.

As you will have understood, the outlet panorama is very varied; the choice of the best idea for your franchise outlet therefore depends on your preferences and the type of goods you believe will be most successful in the area where you are thinking of positioning your store. In a few paragraphs I will show you some ideas I recently found to open a new franchise outlet. But now I would like to focus on a very important aspect for a new store, namely the choice of space.

The choice of the store: dimensions and location
Let’s start with the dimensions: to open an outlet there are no minimum store dimensions to consider. However, please note that it could be the franchisor himself that requires minimum features for the point of sale. The square footage you’ll need is very variable. A determining factor is the type of goods sold. For example, if the outlet deals with products of different types, you will necessarily have to consider stores with large sizes and with sufficient stock .

For less bulky or easy to store products, such as non-perishable food, the sizes can be much lower, starting from a few dozen square meters. If you are dealing with clothing, consider also having enough space to expose your clothes adequately, and also calculate a few square meters for dressing rooms or test rooms.

In case you want to open an outlet as a set of shops, obviously the size you will need to have will be exponentially greater. However, I will not consider the type of outlet / mall in this guide , because I would like to focus more on franchise outlet proposals, which very often concern the opening of a single store, single-brand or multi-brand.

How much will I have to invest to open an outlet?
Opening a franchise outlet requires a fair amount of capital, which depends largely on the type of store you intend to open. As you will see in the next paragraph, requests from franchisors are very different from one another, and vary both according to the type of product offered and the services included in the initial investment. Whatever the sector, keep in mind that you will have to face an initial investment of around € 15,000, to which must be added other business costs. A sum of 20,000 euros is therefore a good starting point for an adequate investment .

Open a service for elderly franchise assistance

What does elder care do?
Care for the elderly is a rather varied field of services, within which different professional figures find space. You are probably thinking of the so-called caregivers, that is to say the collaborators who take care of the elderly for every type of need, from the care of the home to the most specific of the person.

However, aged care services include many areas, which may concern the company of the elderly person or services for medical examinations, examinations or simply to assist in the performance of the commissions.

The aspect of cleaning the house and the person is another area that can compete with the assistance services, as well as the care of people in bed or in convalescence, perhaps after an accident. It is also not uncommon for assistance services of this type not only to be addressed to the elderly but more generally to all persons in situations of difficulty, temporary or permanent.

As you can imagine from this brief overview, there are really many services that could be carried out by an activity of elderly franchise assistance services. As you will see in a few lines, the type of services offered by the various brands already present in Italy can vary, depending on the setting that the franchisor wishes to give to his assistance service.

The requirements: educational qualifications and personal characteristics
Do not worry if you do not have a qualification related to assistance to people: for the opening of an agency for elderly assistance in franchising you will not be required. However, you may find it useful to attend a social assistance operator (OSA) course or specific personal assistance courses, sometimes organized also by public bodies (take a look at the sites in your province and region to find out if there are any courses active at the moment) .

Keep in mind that some franchisors organize specific training courses and periodic refresher courses. However, the frequency of these courses or training may not be necessary, especially if you decide to open a service agency working as an intermediary and therefore making use of specific personnel.

Regarding the personal characteristics you should have, keep in mind that:


These are three aspects that can never be lacking in personal assistance services, regardless of whether we are talking about children, adults or the elderly.

Open a franchise store in the wellness sector

Wellness: feel good today
As I mentioned, the wellness sector is a rather vast area. Treatments and care of the body and mind are increasingly widespread, and you will have noticed a certain consistency in the appearance of ever new services. That’s why it might be a good idea to open a franchise business in the wellness sector. Some brands in the sector offer a variety of services and products, in order to expand their potential customers and satisfy multiple needs.

Also keep in mind that well-being is not an aspect that concerns only a female or adult clientele. Customers of wellness activities can also be men, elderly people or children: well-being is therefore directed across all age groups .

Many of the more or less known brands that deal with wellness are franchises . Specific experience on treatments and products and in-depth knowledge of the market are two of the aspects that suggest a franchise affiliation.

Especially if you don’t already have experience in the field or want to extend what you already know, a franchisor could be for you. In fact, many of the proposals currently on the market do not require any experience and give you the opportunity to follow training and refresher courses, in order to give you the professionalism necessary for the type of products or services offered.

In the following paragraphs you will find some of the best ideas I have selected for the franchising wellness sector; as you will see, they are very different in terms of type and investment required. We now evaluate the financial aspect of an activity in the wellness sector, calculating the costs you will have to meet.

How much does it cost to open a business in the wellness sector?
As I have already mentioned to you, that of well-being is a very diversified sector and therefore the investments required for franchising are also different . Keep in mind, however, that the minimum amount to invest is around € 10,000, to which you will have to add some items of expenditure. First consider the rent of the place where to start your business (or purchase). The price of an annual fee varies greatly depending on the city, location and square footage, but keep in mind that a few thousand euros is the minimum amount you will need to calculate.

Another item of expense concerns possible works of reconstruction or adaptation of the space. Especially if you intend to provide services that require special environments (such as salt caves or a fitness space) you will have to take into account the cost of adapting the premises. Some franchisors supply the furniture and equipment together with the initial investment. Then evaluate this aspect before signing an affiliation contract.

Other expense items you will need to take into account are those related to utilities and personnel . Also in this case the costs are very variable, above all as regards the utilities. Especially if you will be using machinery, you will have to charge for energy related costs to feed them.

Usually franchisors are able to provide information on these aspects, for their specific sector. I therefore advise you to ask for all the relevant information and, if possible, to ask for advice also as regards the choice of the venue and its location.

Farewell Private Driver: The VTC application becomes Kapten_

Private driver is dead, long live Kapten_! The customer-to-customer connection application announced a major change this Wednesday, February 6, by completely changing its identity. After the arrival of the car manufacturer Daimler to the capital of the French company as a majority stakeholder, new ideas have emerged. Yan Hascoët, co-founder and CEO of Feu Chauffeur Privé, explains: ” The resources invested by the Daimler Group allow us to go further. We finally have the means of our ambitions thanks to them “.

This ambition is to conquer the international market.

Founders of Private Driver / Kapten_: Omar Benmoussa, Yan Hascoët and Othmane Bouhlal // Source: Kapten_
This development had already begun in September 2018 with the arrival of the application in Lisbon, but it should take a whole new scale in the year 2019. In addition to the opening of offices in Geneva next Monday, Kapten_ must to arrive in London in the coming weeks. The expansion strategy is much more aggressive than before as the company plans to reach fifteen cities in a dozen countries by 2020.

This year will be pivotal for Kapten_ and its leaders. The latter hope that the application will be used by 10 million customers, 5 times more than today, and 70,000 partner drivers (3.5 times more than in 2018). But to achieve this result, it is not only necessary to have a good investor, it is also necessary to change some elements of the app.

One of the biggest announcements is the price of the race. Kapten_ passes the minimum price of his races to only 6 euros, against 8 euros for the former Private Driver. The company is therefore aligned with the price of most transport apps, including Uber, which was one of its strengths. According to Othmane Bouhlal, another co-founder of the company, ” the choice to align with 6 euros is there to attract a new clientele “. Marketing Director Eve Arakelian adds: ” Private Driver had a premium image that we wanted to get rid of. ”

Will the Katen_ app be able to cope with the international market? // Source: Kapten_
Kapten_ strives at all costs to expand and reach an international audience by becoming ” a little like the others “, but does not want to risk disgruntled drivers leaving them. Othmane Bouhlal promises that ” the company will fill the deficit of drivers while their profitability are at the same level as today “. Even if the gesture concerns only the old drivers (the new ones will not be “compensated”), it is difficult to think that such a practice is viable if it lasts too long. Kapten’s ambition is therefore to gain a foothold in the international market and to be visible before thinking about profits. A risky tactic, but that could pay in the long run.

The long term (after 2020), however, does not seem to be at the heart of the firm’s thinking for the moment. However, there are some questions that arise at this level. With the acquisition of Daimler, Kapten_ is now part of its ecosystem My Intelligent Apps , which brings together the transport applications owned by the German company and the BMW group. This one contains Mytaxi, CleverTaxi and Beat, but none works in collaboration with another one. ” We do not have the ambition to integrate and merge, it’s a stimulating competition ” says Yan Hascoët, before concluding: ” In five or seven years, there will not be four different applications, but for the moment it is not on the agenda “.

A transformation of these applications into a single platform is not impossible, but what would happen to Kapten_? If this ecosystem is today beneficial for the French company, it will be necessary to be careful that the ambition does not push it to burn its wings.

What are the real benefits of Amazon Prime (Premium) in France?

Prime Day 2018 takes place a day after World Cup this year. Amazon will therefore make huge promotions from noon on July 16th. The 2018 vintage promises to be excellent. To discover all that Amazon offers with its premium subscription, the article just below is here!

Amazon Prime (formerly Premium) is the subscription offer to the e-commerce service founded by Jeff Bezos . Known and acclaimed for fast and almost free delivery, the subscription also offers other benefits you may not know. Before subscribing, or if you already are, here is a little guide that will allow you to understand a little better everything behind the “Prime” of Amazon … and what there is not.

To start the premium subscription is already a bit complex, because at first glance it is a kind of loyalty club fee, or a fee reduction. A strange business concept in which you have to pay to buy. But in reality, Amazon Prime allows, apart from the reductions to which the service gives access, to take advantage of the very fast logistics of the shop. But not only.

Amazon Prime is available today at 49 euros per year ( with a free trial , no commitment, 30 days). If you are between 18 and 24 years old, Amazon Prime is available at only 24 euros per year, and the free trial goes to 6 months .

CC Ray Che
Amazon Prime allows first of all to be delivered in metropolitan France in one working day and free of charge on a wide range of products. This goes from books to heavier products, as long as they are reported as premium items on the page.

But the offer also contains other services, even in France.

Amazon Drive and Prime Photos : The service is little known but the Prime offer gives access to 5 GB of online storage of documents, videos and photos like any other cloud service. And it also opens access to Prime Photos an unlimited photo storage service just like Google Photos .

Twitch Prime : Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch’s video platform enables the giant to offer its premium subscribers advantages. So the old Twitch Turbo offer is now available to any premium subscriber for free if he connects his Twitch account to his Amazon account. The benefits of Twitch Prime are great for gamers: they provide access to free games, a free channel subscription, and all ad-free videos.Twitch

In the vein of Twitch Prime, a bonus account entitles you to a reduction of € 2 on all video games sold on Amazon when they are in pre-order and up to 14 days after their release.
New delivery methods : Prime gives access to other modes of delivery than the one-day delivery. You can have access to discounts on Express deliveries and deliveries the night of the purchase in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence for 4.99 € (or free for more than 25 € of purchase). This also gives access to the à la carte delivery for € 1.99.
The Kindle Loan Library : For all Kindle eBook readers, a Prime Account will allow you to borrow one book per month from the library . pexels-picture-12627

Amazon Prime Now : service exclusively for subscribers in Paris, Prime Now is a fast delivery service , on beaches of two hours, food shopping. The races are carried out in the Amazon store or the partner shops and are delivered by the service deliverers. The prices of the Amazon store are generally interesting because the firm practices discounts and many special offers.

How to open a franchised beauty center (with 5 ideas with the best franchisors)

Wellness , beauty , aesthetics are common words for many people, men and women. This is why opening a franchised beauty center is an excellent business opportunity. If you already work as a beautician and you know the industry, you certainly take the lead, otherwise do not worry, there is plenty of time to learn.

The offer in the aesthetic sector is very varied, with wellness centers and beauty centers specialized in specific treatment or dedicated to aesthetics in general. The demand from customers in this sector does not know crises, whether they are inexpensive or more important treatments. This premise to tell you that if you are thinking of opening a franchised beauty center , you may have had a good idea. Let’s find out more in detail what a beauty center looks like and how to open your new center.

beauty center in franchising
Aesthetic center: more services for wellness and beauty
When we talk about beauty center we usually refer to a place where it is possible to make different treatments , which have as their common goal the aesthetic care of the person. As I told you a few lines ago, today the beauty centers are aimed at men and women of all ages, with treatments such as hair removal, massage, nail care, skin care, manicure, pedicure, makeup or sale of specific products.

In reality, those I have listed are just some of the treatments that can be performed in beauty centers; more and more often this type of activity crosses its competences with those of the wellness centers.

Some centers carry out more treatments, others prefer to specialize in one instead. An example are the beauty centers specializing in laser hair removal or even those that are dedicated exclusively to nail care . Whatever your idea of ​​beauty center (if you already have one) I suggest you first of all evaluate the franchisors that are closer to your preferences or your previous experiences.

However, the experience factor should not alarm you if you do not have it yet; in fact, keep in mind that many franchisors offer specific training courses for the activity and therefore also address those who have no experience or only have a minimal part of it. Also keep in mind that depending on the size of your beauty salon franchise, you could avail of the collaboration of one or more people, perhaps already specialized in one of the treatments that you intend to offer.

What to do to open a beauty center
The first step that you must complete to open a beauty salon is to the search of the local commercial right for your business. In case you decide to collaborate with one of the indicated franchisors, please refer to the requests for the size of the space. Depending on the type of treatments offered you will have to deal with more or less extensive spaces, but many franchisors require even minimal spaces. This aspect should not be overlooked and will have a major impact on the expense you will have to bear.

Some franchisors offer support in finding the business premises. I suggest you to choose it in a very inhabited place or a strong passage , even pedestrian, with the possibility of parking and possibly with one or more windows on the road.

From the point of view of the bureaucracy, however, a franchised aesthetic center is in all respects a commercial activity, and as such you will have to follow the bureaucratic process that includes:

Opening of a VAT number
Registration at the Chamber of Commerce
Sending the single communication for the beginning of the activity to the Municipality where the beauty center is located
Registration for INPS and INAIL (to be carried out also for any employees or collaborators, depending on the chosen collaboration contract)
Consider also that depending on the services offered you may need some health permits , issued by the local health authority after checking the suitability of the premises. The specific permits depend on the type of treatment. I suggest you to inform yourself before setting up the shop and asking for information about franchisors, who usually know how to give correct and specific information for each type of treatment.

Open a franchise bookstore, how to make and list best franchisors

If you are looking for an idea to open a franchise business that combines contact with the public to culture, this may be the idea that is right for you. In this guide we will talk about how and why to open a franchise bookstore.

Content index

1 Franchising bookstore (even at the time of online)
2 Training, requirements and authorizations
3 5 ideas among the best proposals for franchising bookshops
3.1 Mondadori
3.2 Ubik Books
3.3 Booklet
3.4 The Feltrinelli
3.5 Centostories
Franchising library (even at the time of online)
If at least you occasionally get into a bookshop, you will have noticed how in recent years these stores have been transformed from simple book retailers to real outlets offering a range of very different items.

It is not rare, in fact, that in addition to publishing products, bookstores also sell objects , stationery products , toys , music and films , as well as other perfect products for an occasion or a gift. Some bookshops also perform specific services, such as selling tickets for concerts or events.

Despite the diffusion of online book sales , the diversification of the offer of the current bookstores is one of the points in favor that allows this type of store to reserve space for the sale of books. Some libraries also offer additional services that online sales can not give, such as the presentation of books, the meeting with the authors or the organization of events that revolve around the variegated world of the book.

Also keep in mind that for many people the book continues to be an object of paper to touch and browse , and for this reason it is important to touch the book with the hand before the purchase.

In addition to generalist bookstores, there are libraries specializing in one genre or for a specific audience, such as bookcases for children . I have described these aspects to help you consider these options to open a franchise business, in order to orientate you towards the type of library that best suits your preferences and expectations.

franchise bookstore

Training, requirements and authorizations
To open a franchise bookstore you do not need any qualification or specific course. It is however true that a good basic culture helps in carrying out this profession, which we imagine is chosen above all for the love of books and culture in general.

In addition to this, a good deal of patience is needed (as well as for all the activities that are aimed at the public) and a good ability to manage the activity and any collaborators.

As for the bureaucratic aspects , the opening of a bookshop is rather simple. The commercial space must in fact only be in compliance with the rules laid down for spaces open to the public, but no special health or municipal permits are required.

You can choose to open your franchise bookstore alone or in companies with one or more people. For this reason we suggest you consult an accountant to identify the most suitable company form for the activity you intend to carry out.

A very important aspect to consider when opening a franchise bookshop is the one related to the commercial space . Some franchisors require specific features for the point of sale, such as size and placement; otherwise others do not have particular requests in this regard. Apart from this, consider that it is always recommended to open a new business in a very busy area , easy to get to and possibly with good parking or easily accessible by public transport.

franchise bookstore

5 ideas among the best proposals for franchised bookshops
I have searched and selected for you some of the most interesting proposals for those who would like to open a franchise bookstore. The proposals are different from each other by type of library and necessary investment. For each franchisor, in addition to the investment, I also indicated the size of the sales space and some points in favor. Let’s find out.

Mondadori is certainly one of the best known publishers in the Italian publishing scene. In addition to the publishing house also runs a chain of bookstores of the same name, managed through franchising. In addition to the titles of the brand in the Mondadori Bookstore you can buy books and publishing products of the best-known Italian and foreign publishing houses and a range of objects, stationery, toys, accessories and gift boxes. The franchising offer includes various possibilities, which also include the possibility of requesting the building works necessary for the sales space.

Initial investment: 20,000 euros (+ 325 euros / sqm for furnishings)
Commercial space dimensions: from 85 to 150 square meters
Advantages: possibility of construction interventions at an agreed price, operating system for sales management, wide range of books and non-editorial products
Ubik Books
Ubik is the franchised bookstore brand of the Emmelibri Group – Messaggerie Group. It boasts a very large catalog of titles, with the possibility of ordering and receiving in the bookstore the desired text within 48 working hours. The franchise proposal provides for the deposit account; in this way the book pays only what it actually sells, a very simple order management carried out by the central warehouses and the use of the management software for the point of sale.

Initial investment: from 10,000 euros
Commercial space dimensions: starting from 120 square meters
Advantages: extensive catalog, sales account, centrally managed marketing campaigns, events and meetings with authors
Booklet bookshops are real outlets of the book, offering the best titles of the best-known publishers at discounted prices compared to those sold in standard bookstores. Booklet updates its catalog every month with hundreds of new titles. The franchising proposal is a “turnkey” offer that allows you to open your store in a very short time. In addition to the books, a selection of stationery products and gadgets is also offered to the customer. The initial investment includes book set-up and arrangement of books, as well as an in-house training course and publicity material to make the new activity known.

Initial investment: starting from 4,900 euros
Commercial space dimensions: from 50 square meters upwards
Advantages: turnkey shop, advertising material, help with the preparation and arrangement of books, the opening phase

How much money do you make on Twitch? A video game top streamer details his income

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang broadcasts on the Twitch streaming platform gameplay videos from Hearthstone, Blizzard’s card game, and other games, including Fortnite . On October 4th, he released a video titled “How Much Money Do Twitch’s Streamers REALLY Earn?” (Seen from the inside by a top streamer) . It details the four sources of income that make him exceed $ 20,000 in monthly income.

The remuneration of Internet stars, especially video games, attracts many fantasies. Especially since the majority of popular streamers remain closed on the subject, or at best evasive. Many media or videographers to estimate the finger more or less wet these amounts.

“Disguised Toast”, one of the biggest streamer of the platform, has meanwhile decided to show card on the table his income, he takes the time to detail. Very popular on Hearthstone , he sometimes plays Fortnite . With around 10,000 viewers average, he regularly joins the top 10 most viewed channels. It should be kept in mind that the numbers it advertises apply to a tiny percentage of thousands of streamers that broadcast on the platform.

If you’re not familiar with Twitch, viewers can donate money to streamers . On some channels, donations may be accompanied by a message, which appears on the screen. This is a good way to address the player, who reads all these messages – or even activates software that reads the messages automatically – and get out of the messy stream of messages from the chat . Twitch can make these donations by credit card, PayPal or via Bits, its virtual currency. Free streamer to encourage more or less donations.

The Canadian, who asks his spectators little to donate, still collects $ 2,500 a month on average thanks to them. But these amounts can explode. Some unique donations reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Start a small business: what you really need

When planning to start a small business, there is a great desire to do and we can not wait to leave. But beware: the initial enthusiasm can give way to disillusionment and hurry can lead to more or less serious mistakes. Before launching yourself in the company, take all the time you need to make the necessary assessments: the idea that whirls in your head may prove unrealistic or unoriginal. And the costs that you had budgeted far removed from those that you will have to support. Do not despair: it happens to anyone with little experience in the business field. Therefore, if you are thinking about giving substance to your project, you must surround yourself with the right people, keep audacity at bay and proceed calmly and reasonably. Committing yourself to understand what you really need and what you can, however, give up.

What is needed and what is not needed, to start a small business
Let’s start by saying that everything depends on the type of project you want to carry out. If you think big and want to start a business that wants to conquer an important slice of the market, you will – almost certainly – join forces with someone else. And equip you with everything you need to tackle such a burdensome and demanding business (saving money in these cases may not be your priority). If you are, however, thinking of giving body to something smaller, you can certainly do without a couple of things:

an office. Your small business could start from home , allowing you to cut costs on renting and setting up spaces. Everything depends, of course, on what you want to do: if you need a simple location and an internet connection, your home will be just fine. At least to start.
the employees . Your idea could be great, but simple to manage and implement. If you think you can do it yourself, do not delay. This is not about being presumptuous or suspicious, but trying to manage at best your starting budget (especially if it is limited). If you realize you have shortages in some area, you can turn to temporary employees, but avoid recruiting resources that you can not afford.
And what do you need instead? What do you need to start a small business?

a current account. Opening a bank account is a real necessity. Without it, it will be impossible to manage the receipts and payments that you need to prepare to get the business going. The advice is to open one specifically for the company and to distinguish it from your personal current account;

a business plan. No matter how small your project is, before launching it in the enterprise, you will have to define a business plan in which to detail the legal form you have chosen (there are many: from the sole proprietorship to the limited liability company to the limited partnership , just to name a few), the purpose of your business, what you intend to do and how you plan to do it. Transferring your intentions on paper and describing the methodologies with which you hope to realize your project is an indispensable step;
authorizations and licenses. Eye to the bureaucracy: when the idea of ​​starting your small business has definitely taken shape, inform yourself about what you need to have, to open its doors. Which authorizations or licenses do you need? What are the times to get them? Starting a business is not a trivial matter (even if you choose to run it from home): get yourself on all fronts and do not run unnecessary risks.

expert advice. It is something that those who try to save as much as possible do not take into due consideration, but that can make the difference. When you “set out” with an activity, you never know where you can get there. And very often, you do not have all the information that allows you to get off on the right foot. For this, it is important to ask for help from consultants and experts who will show you the way to follow in the tax and legal fields (you can perhaps do without an accountant, but hardly an accountant). Not to mention those who are already there: to compare with those who, before you, have experienced on their skin the effort to give life to their business design can be salvific. The right advice and warnings can help you navigate at full speed.

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