Open a lingerie shop and franchise swimwear

Open a lingerie and swimwear shop: different styles for different customers
In the previous lines I told you about underwear shops, referring to a very generalist typology, to explain all its potential. However, keep in mind that there is not just one type of shop and that therefore even the opening of a franchise shop and lingerie store can differ depending on the chosen franchisor. The market is really very diversified: it goes from generalist stores, which sell underwear suitable for the whole family, those dedicated to the most sought-after underwear, perhaps only for women, up to shops more attentive to fashion trends, which follow in part styles dictated by clothing.

I can’t point you as a typology or another: the one I suggest is to always choose a franchised activity (for underwear but in general for each category) that best reflects your tastes and preferences, in addition to experiences that you may have already gained.

The requirements to open a lingerie and swimwear shop
Opening a franchise and swimwear shop is an idea that you could consider even if you don’t have a specific qualification. In fact, no course of study is required, although a little experience is always recommended. In addition to the passion for this type of clothing, the propensity to work in public, courtesy and attention to new fashion trends are an added value.

As for the opening of the store, if you choose a franchise it is very likely that the franchisor will assist you at all stages. In general, remember that the procedure for opening a non-food store provides:

Open a VAT number
Registration with the local Chamber of Commerce Send the single communication for the start of the activity to the municipality of location of the store.

Registration with INPS and INAIL
In the event that you decide to avail yourself of the collaboration of other people, they will have to be in order with everything that concerns the hiring or the collaboration. I advise you to ask for support also from an accountant to better understand which form of framework to choose, according to your needs.

As I often say in advice to new entrepreneurs , he spends a lot of time choosing the store. Also in this case the franchisor could come to your aid, with advice on the aspects to be considered. Some brands require precise characteristics, as you’ll see in the following paragraphs, dedicated to the best ideas of the moment to open a franchised underwear shop.

The best franchise proposals for underwear and swimwear
I searched for you the proposals for the Italian market for underwear and swimwear franchises. Here are the best ones I’ve found. For each one you find the initial investment, the features required for the store and some advantageous aspects to know.

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