Open a service for elderly franchise assistance

What does elder care do?
Care for the elderly is a rather varied field of services, within which different professional figures find space. You are probably thinking of the so-called caregivers, that is to say the collaborators who take care of the elderly for every type of need, from the care of the home to the most specific of the person.

However, aged care services include many areas, which may concern the company of the elderly person or services for medical examinations, examinations or simply to assist in the performance of the commissions.

The aspect of cleaning the house and the person is another area that can compete with the assistance services, as well as the care of people in bed or in convalescence, perhaps after an accident. It is also not uncommon for assistance services of this type not only to be addressed to the elderly but more generally to all persons in situations of difficulty, temporary or permanent.

As you can imagine from this brief overview, there are really many services that could be carried out by an activity of elderly franchise assistance services. As you will see in a few lines, the type of services offered by the various brands already present in Italy can vary, depending on the setting that the franchisor wishes to give to his assistance service.

The requirements: educational qualifications and personal characteristics
Do not worry if you do not have a qualification related to assistance to people: for the opening of an agency for elderly assistance in franchising you will not be required. However, you may find it useful to attend a social assistance operator (OSA) course or specific personal assistance courses, sometimes organized also by public bodies (take a look at the sites in your province and region to find out if there are any courses active at the moment) .

Keep in mind that some franchisors organize specific training courses and periodic refresher courses. However, the frequency of these courses or training may not be necessary, especially if you decide to open a service agency working as an intermediary and therefore making use of specific personnel.

Regarding the personal characteristics you should have, keep in mind that:


These are three aspects that can never be lacking in personal assistance services, regardless of whether we are talking about children, adults or the elderly.

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