What are the real benefits of Amazon Prime (Premium) in France?

Prime Day 2018 takes place a day after World Cup this year. Amazon will therefore make huge promotions from noon on July 16th. The 2018 vintage promises to be excellent. To discover all that Amazon offers with its premium subscription, the article just below is here!

Amazon Prime (formerly Premium) is the subscription offer to the e-commerce service founded by Jeff Bezos . Known and acclaimed for fast and almost free delivery, the subscription also offers other benefits you may not know. Before subscribing, or if you already are, here is a little guide that will allow you to understand a little better everything behind the “Prime” of Amazon … and what there is not.

To start the premium subscription is already a bit complex, because at first glance it is a kind of loyalty club fee, or a fee reduction. A strange business concept in which you have to pay to buy. But in reality, Amazon Prime allows, apart from the reductions to which the service gives access, to take advantage of the very fast logistics of the shop. But not only.

Amazon Prime is available today at 49 euros per year ( with a free trial , no commitment, 30 days). If you are between 18 and 24 years old, Amazon Prime is available at only 24 euros per year, and the free trial goes to 6 months .

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Amazon Prime allows first of all to be delivered in metropolitan France in one working day and free of charge on a wide range of products. This goes from books to heavier products, as long as they are reported as premium items on the page.

But the offer also contains other services, even in France.

Amazon Drive and Prime Photos : The service is little known but the Prime offer gives access to 5 GB of online storage of documents, videos and photos like any other cloud service. And it also opens access to Prime Photos an unlimited photo storage service just like Google Photos .

Twitch Prime : Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch’s video platform enables the giant to offer its premium subscribers advantages. So the old Twitch Turbo offer is now available to any premium subscriber for free if he connects his Twitch account to his Amazon account. The benefits of Twitch Prime are great for gamers: they provide access to free games, a free channel subscription, and all ad-free videos.Twitch

In the vein of Twitch Prime, a bonus account entitles you to a reduction of € 2 on all video games sold on Amazon when they are in pre-order and up to 14 days after their release.
New delivery methods : Prime gives access to other modes of delivery than the one-day delivery. You can have access to discounts on Express deliveries and deliveries the night of the purchase in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence for 4.99 € (or free for more than 25 € of purchase). This also gives access to the à la carte delivery for € 1.99.
The Kindle Loan Library : For all Kindle eBook readers, a Prime Account will allow you to borrow one book per month from the library . pexels-picture-12627

Amazon Prime Now : service exclusively for subscribers in Paris, Prime Now is a fast delivery service , on beaches of two hours, food shopping. The races are carried out in the Amazon store or the partner shops and are delivered by the service deliverers. The prices of the Amazon store are generally interesting because the firm practices discounts and many special offers.

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