Start your business at 20, mission impossible? Stop the received ideas!

To start a business,
you have to leave a business school

False! “You do not have to go out of a big school to start a business,” says Laurence Piganeau, head of expertise and legal services at PACE (Agency for the Creation of Enterprises).

At Adie (Association for the right to economic initiative), microcredit organization, 23% of entrepreneurs have no degree! From CAP to bac + 5, with energy and will, anything is possible!

To create your business, you need a brilliant and innovative idea

False! Only 36% of young designers say they have innovated in their market.

“Young people today travel a lot and often find their ideas by reproducing what they have seen abroad. But they can also start from a traditional activity, from which they will find an original concept that will distinguish them from their competitor and will arouse interest “, explains Laurence Piganeau.

To start a business, you need a lot of money

Not necessarily ! Of course, everything depends on the activity you want to develop, but in France 55% of young designers started with less than 8,000 €.

If you need a financial boost and your bank refuses to lend you, ask your family or friends. Think about microcredit too! With 130 branches in France, Adiehelps 12,000 creators to launch each year.

Finally, look for grants and scholarships specifically dedicated to young creators.

To start a business, you need to have many years of professional experience

False! Without charge or family constraints at the end of school, it is instead the perfect time to undertake!

” If you have a good idea when you leave school, there is nothing stopping you from getting started, as 10% of young graduates do. Admittedly, young creators have little experience and lack a network, but these defects are largely offset by the energy and creativity they display. Moreover, they learn very quickly and adapt much more easily than their elders! “ Enthuses Laurence Piganeau.

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