Sosh, Bouygues, SFR, Free Mobile: What are the best 4G non-binding plans in 2018?

The four operators now offer a slew of offers without commitment, adapted to all budgets. Be careful though: not all are equal and traps are many! Here is a complete guide to help you find your way.

Those who have known the packages related to the purchase of a phone or a smartphone, prices that were around 50 € for a decent service, and the terms of subscription that marry the customer to an operator can not to say that it  was better before . However, despite the arrival of 4G packages without commitment at a reasonable price, the offer is still not absolutely clear. Between the conditions in small print, special offers, roaming, modem mode or the random notion of unlimited, current packages are not all equal.

Rather than a guide that would present you all the packages in direct comparison, which you will find on FrAndroid , we preferred to organize ours as the path of thought that a future client should have before deciding. Let’s go.


In recent months, operators swear by special offers. These are packages that are sold in limited quantities – whether it is a number of lines opened or a duration. We have mentioned the main packages that fit this case in the body of this guide – we will update them when the operators change them.

  • RED by SFR offers a package for € 20 per month for 100 GB of data  in France and 10 GB in Europe The red and green operator says that this rate will remain the same “for life”.
  • At RED always, the 30GB package is also 10 € per month for life .

Are these good tips? Most of the time, the answer is yes. Special offers will be updated in this section.


The first question to ask itself may seem obvious and, in some ways, conditions all the others: what do you need? If you have a smartphone, chances are you’ll need mobile data. Exit a package like that of Free 2 € , which has been more thought for devices or phones that do not need data connection. The same applies to the Sosh , B & You and RED packages at € 4.99 or € 7.99 per month: these entry-level packages have between 20 MB and 50 MB of data – in other words, nothing.

The numerous B & You packages by Bouygues

Similarly, you will have to ask questions about the amount of data you consume, but also about your mobility abroad . The B & You offers by Bouygues for example are very numerous and some do not offer 4G in Europe .

To evaluate your monthly consumption of data, it is therefore necessary to start with a  sweet spot  : as the packages are not binding, you can change at any time (and even more easily if you stay at the same operator). So opt  for a package that will offer you between 15 and 20 GB of data and track your consumption over a month: you can adjust the following month.

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