Open a franchise bookstore, how to make and list best franchisors

If you are looking for an idea to open a franchise business that combines contact with the public to culture, this may be the idea that is right for you. In this guide we will talk about how and why to open a franchise bookstore.

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1 Franchising bookstore (even at the time of online)
2 Training, requirements and authorizations
3 5 ideas among the best proposals for franchising bookshops
3.1 Mondadori
3.2 Ubik Books
3.3 Booklet
3.4 The Feltrinelli
3.5 Centostories
Franchising library (even at the time of online)
If at least you occasionally get into a bookshop, you will have noticed how in recent years these stores have been transformed from simple book retailers to real outlets offering a range of very different items.

It is not rare, in fact, that in addition to publishing products, bookstores also sell objects , stationery products , toys , music and films , as well as other perfect products for an occasion or a gift. Some bookshops also perform specific services, such as selling tickets for concerts or events.

Despite the diffusion of online book sales , the diversification of the offer of the current bookstores is one of the points in favor that allows this type of store to reserve space for the sale of books. Some libraries also offer additional services that online sales can not give, such as the presentation of books, the meeting with the authors or the organization of events that revolve around the variegated world of the book.

Also keep in mind that for many people the book continues to be an object of paper to touch and browse , and for this reason it is important to touch the book with the hand before the purchase.

In addition to generalist bookstores, there are libraries specializing in one genre or for a specific audience, such as bookcases for children . I have described these aspects to help you consider these options to open a franchise business, in order to orientate you towards the type of library that best suits your preferences and expectations.

franchise bookstore

Training, requirements and authorizations
To open a franchise bookstore you do not need any qualification or specific course. It is however true that a good basic culture helps in carrying out this profession, which we imagine is chosen above all for the love of books and culture in general.

In addition to this, a good deal of patience is needed (as well as for all the activities that are aimed at the public) and a good ability to manage the activity and any collaborators.

As for the bureaucratic aspects , the opening of a bookshop is rather simple. The commercial space must in fact only be in compliance with the rules laid down for spaces open to the public, but no special health or municipal permits are required.

You can choose to open your franchise bookstore alone or in companies with one or more people. For this reason we suggest you consult an accountant to identify the most suitable company form for the activity you intend to carry out.

A very important aspect to consider when opening a franchise bookshop is the one related to the commercial space . Some franchisors require specific features for the point of sale, such as size and placement; otherwise others do not have particular requests in this regard. Apart from this, consider that it is always recommended to open a new business in a very busy area , easy to get to and possibly with good parking or easily accessible by public transport.

franchise bookstore

5 ideas among the best proposals for franchised bookshops
I have searched and selected for you some of the most interesting proposals for those who would like to open a franchise bookstore. The proposals are different from each other by type of library and necessary investment. For each franchisor, in addition to the investment, I also indicated the size of the sales space and some points in favor. Let’s find out.

Mondadori is certainly one of the best known publishers in the Italian publishing scene. In addition to the publishing house also runs a chain of bookstores of the same name, managed through franchising. In addition to the titles of the brand in the Mondadori Bookstore you can buy books and publishing products of the best-known Italian and foreign publishing houses and a range of objects, stationery, toys, accessories and gift boxes. The franchising offer includes various possibilities, which also include the possibility of requesting the building works necessary for the sales space.

Initial investment: 20,000 euros (+ 325 euros / sqm for furnishings)
Commercial space dimensions: from 85 to 150 square meters
Advantages: possibility of construction interventions at an agreed price, operating system for sales management, wide range of books and non-editorial products
Ubik Books
Ubik is the franchised bookstore brand of the Emmelibri Group – Messaggerie Group. It boasts a very large catalog of titles, with the possibility of ordering and receiving in the bookstore the desired text within 48 working hours. The franchise proposal provides for the deposit account; in this way the book pays only what it actually sells, a very simple order management carried out by the central warehouses and the use of the management software for the point of sale.

Initial investment: from 10,000 euros
Commercial space dimensions: starting from 120 square meters
Advantages: extensive catalog, sales account, centrally managed marketing campaigns, events and meetings with authors
Booklet bookshops are real outlets of the book, offering the best titles of the best-known publishers at discounted prices compared to those sold in standard bookstores. Booklet updates its catalog every month with hundreds of new titles. The franchising proposal is a “turnkey” offer that allows you to open your store in a very short time. In addition to the books, a selection of stationery products and gadgets is also offered to the customer. The initial investment includes book set-up and arrangement of books, as well as an in-house training course and publicity material to make the new activity known.

Initial investment: starting from 4,900 euros
Commercial space dimensions: from 50 square meters upwards
Advantages: turnkey shop, advertising material, help with the preparation and arrangement of books, the opening phase

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