How much money do you make on Twitch? A video game top streamer details his income

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang broadcasts on the Twitch streaming platform gameplay videos from Hearthstone, Blizzard’s card game, and other games, including Fortnite . On October 4th, he released a video titled “How Much Money Do Twitch’s Streamers REALLY Earn?” (Seen from the inside by a top streamer) . It details the four sources of income that make him exceed $ 20,000 in monthly income.

The remuneration of Internet stars, especially video games, attracts many fantasies. Especially since the majority of popular streamers remain closed on the subject, or at best evasive. Many media or videographers to estimate the finger more or less wet these amounts.

“Disguised Toast”, one of the biggest streamer of the platform, has meanwhile decided to show card on the table his income, he takes the time to detail. Very popular on Hearthstone , he sometimes plays Fortnite . With around 10,000 viewers average, he regularly joins the top 10 most viewed channels. It should be kept in mind that the numbers it advertises apply to a tiny percentage of thousands of streamers that broadcast on the platform.

If you’re not familiar with Twitch, viewers can donate money to streamers . On some channels, donations may be accompanied by a message, which appears on the screen. This is a good way to address the player, who reads all these messages – or even activates software that reads the messages automatically – and get out of the messy stream of messages from the chat . Twitch can make these donations by credit card, PayPal or via Bits, its virtual currency. Free streamer to encourage more or less donations.

The Canadian, who asks his spectators little to donate, still collects $ 2,500 a month on average thanks to them. But these amounts can explode. Some unique donations reach tens of thousands of dollars.

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